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good animation, good storyline.

-0.5 can't see the credits. going to the credits crash the game.

Its been so long since u made that, i'm really impressed. Now the entire lore of runeterra changed, poppy and taric got reworks, and the council of summoners doesnt really exists anymore. wonder how you'll deal with that.
So far, the summoner got under his belt : tariq (taric?), sona, poppy, quinn, lissandra, sejuani, ashe, tryndamere,anivia,elise,ezreal,jinx,vi,caitlyn and now camille. There is now 15 of them. will u conclude that he has all his champs or will you change it to 20?

My theory: the next ones will be either janna or evelynn.
Have a nice day!

In the first brothel mission, do not try to check the doors, it can lead to the game freezing and you'll have to restart.

really fun to play.
Now heres some hint for those who are stuck

- there is 3 different ending to the game.
Ending 1: The doll REALLY NEEDS a friend.
Ending 2: If u didnt realize, there is a force close door in the hallway. If only i had something to cut the wood.
Ending 3: Follow the bathroom things order.

i had some fun. but i need to admit. the game could be easier if some instruction were INSIDE THE GAM.
It took me a while b4 realizing that:
u must press sb1 after entering a sequece.
press sb4 if u can't do the number task.

hi moosh. I though many times u were dead. Seriously. 4 years ago, i did many research if u were stlill active. Because i loved your piece of work. Since Pico sim date 1. Its good to see you back

Moosh responds:

It feels good to be back :) Thank you so much for the support for so long :D

I find this concept interesting, but my headphone are broken in one side so i can't really pass the first.
If you do a sequel do this game, could you please put a sound-o-meter? just to make sure that your enemy is right in front of you? just asking :)

I beat the spider. Twice. Here is 3 tips:
u need at least 4 lives to begin the boss battle.
there is a web spit every 5 sec. COUNT THEM.
and the most important.. NEVER JUMP( or only if its to avoid the spider spit). always attack him on foot. you need 10 knives attack on him approximately.
dont want to do the statue shunner, thought.
i put 4 on 5 cause the game is great but the animation is sloppy at some points

you need a tutorial

you need a tutorial to understand the linkage of the tunnels. Thus, the player will be able to understand why he can't build his solution.
Except for this, the game is not bad. No bug to report.

really dark but pretty. CONTINUE THE STORY!!!!

I'm the kind of gamer who likes games with a great story. and I have enjoyed this game.
You better have to continue the story. You can't leave it like this.
And OMG I'm so in love with the voice of Hania Lee. I'm from Canada and I think she sings 100 times better than Celine Dion. Seriously.



But i but a 9 because of a bug.

When you fight Gen and you lose, the game doesn't not allow to go to the menu. You must refresh the page to restart.

Muja responds:

I know of the existence of this bug, I'm going to fix it as soon as I get some freetime for myself - my social and (above all) school lifes are getting in the way for the moment!! ^_^

But thank you for your kind review! ^_^

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